My name is John. The very first motorcycle I rode as a wee child was a white 1973 Indian SR 74RX.  Maybe that was a precursor?  We love riding and motorcycles, especially the new line of Indians® ever since Polaris® bought the rights to the brand and started manufacturing them again.  Yes, we rode another American brand before we fell in love with the new Indians®.   

Jethro’s Parts LLC., is the exclusive US Importer and Distributor for DarkScout Classic Twin Series Scout® suspension upgrade kit for your 2014 or newer Indian® Scout® motorcycle.  As we grow, we will continue to add unique performance enhancements and accessories for your Indian® motorcycle.  


Jethro is our beloved Chocolate Lab.  We was born November of 06’.  I never name a dog right away, as I feel that the puppy or dog’s name should be obvious after understanding the character and demeanor of the dog.  His name is SPOT ON for his personality (think Beverly Hill Billies….got it yet?).  In his younger years he was quite rambunctious, mouthy and nothing short of incredibly annoying.  After he turned 3.5 years old, he became an entirely different dog, and if I may say an incredible flushing/retrieving dog in the field or in the water.  Jethro spends most of his time these days resting on his double thick dog bed, playing fetch in the yard a few times per week, or trying to find something to eat….anywhere he can!